"the only way you'll get rid of them is to find another party"
(DJ Magazine)

Joined at the hip through a love of extreme partying, Deepgrove's Grayon Shipley and Lee Pattison are setting the UK alight with their incendiary four deck DJ shows and red hot productions.

It's all part of a new "four to the floor" dance sensibility which is sweeping the UK, bringing "up for it" funky chunky house grooves back to the fore.

Bristol's finest, Deepgroove have been at the forefront of this push, concentrating firmly on spreading the gospel of dirty, big room, twisted 4am moments and the use of new technology within djing to bring a punk attitude to their dancefloors. Whether it be hosting parties, rocking the big tents at festivals or through their chunky and powerful, dirty house production, they have sought to provide a focal point for musicians, djs and clubbers who like their bass booming, the lights turned down low and their music jacking.

Download as 320Kbps MP3 continuous mix (170mb)

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