CJ Mackintosh

CJ Mackintosh is one of Britain's most prolific and successful remixers and an accomplished DJ in his own right. With a career spanning over 20 years, a discography a mile long and an ability to adapt to the times, CJ remains one of the world hottest house and garage artists.
Born in Paris in 1965 before moving to London, CJ got into DJing from the age of 15 when he and his brother put together their own sound system and began throwing neighbourhood parties. CJ’s first residency at the renowned Flim Flam Club led to an approach from Serious Records to compile mixes, an offer CJ jumped at.

In 1987 CJ became the English DMC mixing champion and subsequently hooked up with Dave Dorell, joining his Nasty ROX group and taking over from Nelle Hooper of Soul II Soul and Massive Attack fame. With Dorell and two members of Colour Box, they created the seminal house track ‘Pump Up The Volume’ by M.A.R.R.S. ‘Pump Up The Volume’ was an international hit and was largely responsible for transcending the boundaries of dance music and opening up the pop market to the sounds of dance music.

With his background of scratching, hip hop, house and garage and his mastery in the recording studio, CJ gradually progressed to more remixes, feeling more at home behind a 48 track desk than a set of decks. Jungle Brothers, D-Mob, De La Soul, UFO, Innercity and Loose Ends are just some of those who have benefited from his genius. His style is beyond reproach and has worked magic with artists as diverse as Sounds of Blackness, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and D'Angelo. His Love Happy project hit the charts with the 1995 anthem ‘Message of Love’.

CJ has released several mix albums; solo efforts such as 1997’s ‘Ministry of Sound Sessions 4’ and 2002’s ‘Trust The DJ’ mix won widespread acclaim, as did CJ’s collaborations with other industry luminaries like Farley & Heller and Todd Terry.  As one of the best know DJs on the garage scene, CJ has gained the respect of his peers on both sides of the Atlantic. ‘The reaction I get in clubs inspires me in he studio’, he explains. CJ is one of the few UK DJs who is capable of drawing a capacity crowd at venues across Europe and the US. With his eclectic musical background, CJ Mackintosh continues to leave his mark on the widest possible variety of music. His long-standing residency at London’s Ministry of Sound ended in 1997 and CJ is currently resident at MN2S’s monthly party at The End in London, alongside Joey Negro and The Jinks. CJ has also been secured as exclusive MN2S Ibiza resident – alongside Joey Negro – for MN2S’s debut Sunday Ibiza residency at El Divino, starting 25 June 2006.

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