Markus Schulz

Host of Global DJ Broadcast

Markus Schulz is a man on a mission.  He dreams of meeting the world.  This dream just might be possible.  Currently #19 on the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs, Markus has been traveling the world this past year playing his personal brand of “dark, moody, melodic trance” and meeting as many people as possible.
This year has seen Markus cross the globe on an almost constant basis.  From Australia to Russia and as far away as China and Trinidad.  Along with playing his hometown of Miami.  Markus was also found in Ibiza at his summer residency at Amnesia; The Two Tribes Tour in Australia and New Zealand; Tomorrowland in Belgium; Mysterland and Trance Energy in The Netherlands; Nature One in Germany; Distant Heat in Jordan as well as clubs and in Kuala Lumpur, Romania, Czech Republic, Mexico, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, UK, Boston, Los Angeles, New York and the list goes on.
Global DJ Broadcast, Markus’ weekly radio show, can now be heard on over 30 stations worldwide.  His very special “Ibiza Summer Sessions” debuted this summer.  Wanting to give the listener the feeling of being part of the Ibiza summer, Markus planned each week with the best guest djs and hottest music from the Balearic Islands.  The mission was to bring Ibiza to those who couldn’t be there and add to the experience of those who were.  And it worked.  New stations the world over grabbed up the show for their audiences.  Markus reached out through the airwaves to meet more people and touch their lives.
Not only has Markus been winning the world over with his radio show, but he released his newest mix cd “Ibiza 06” this year.  Markus realized the sound of summer in Ibiza is a very special and has a unique feeling and he meant to capture this with his cd.  “I wanted to give the listener the feeling like they were there and the cd was the soundtrack to their time on the island” Markus explains.  “I know how special a place it is for me, so many spectacular memories and I really wanted to capture that emotion.”
With no plans for slowing down anytime soon, Markus just might meet the world after all.

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