Eddie Amador

It begins in Los Angeles in 1998.  Eddie Amador pens the now-famous lyrics, Not everyone understands house music, It’s spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing, sets them to a hypnotic, pulsating beat, and the seminal dance club anthem House Music is born. 

House Music went on to become a global hit and secured Eddie an album deal with Deep Dish’s Yoshitoshi label.  It was his next track, Rise, which proved that Eddie Amador was no one-hit wonder. Catapulting into the Top 20 of the UK national chart, Rise propelled Eddie to the status of a world-class DJ, and he was now performing at such super clubs as Ministry of Sound, The Queen, Centro-fly, Crobar, Stereo, as well as Pacha and Space in Ibiza.

Eddie’s international success allowed him the freedom and opportunity to set up a second studio in Europe in 2003.  Moving to Amsterdam with the desire to progress his sound, Eddie, who has a degree in mechanical engineering, continued pushing the envelope musically and technologically.  Not long after switching continents, Eddie collaborated with fellow American producer Ian Carey under the moniker Saturated Soul.  The duo had a string of productions and remixes including “Got To Release” on Defected Records & “Say What You Want” on Nero Records.  Meanwhile, Eddie was still turning out prime cuts for Yoshitoshi including “Shake It” in 2005 and  “6 AM” in 2006.
While living abroad and inspired by the tougher tribal/electro sound coming out of Paris, Eddie created an outlet for more adventurous and underground forward thinking music: Mochicoprimo! Records. Having acquired visionary talent from Europe & the United States, Mochicoprimo! was positioned for dance floor devastation.  Now 2007, Mochicoprimo is on it’s 16th release and sees creative acceptance by the masses as it now appears on the US Billboard Dance Chart with Amador & Carrillo’s “Spotlight.”

Eddie is now living back in Los Angeles and is working on a string of collaborations
and remixes including Warner Bros, Nervous NYC,  and Fine Tune.  Eddie’s also
maintaining a hectic dj schedule, holding down Mochicoprimo, and presenting a weekly 2 hour radio show called MIXIMIZED. Miximized can be heard every Friday night at 10pm on Arizona’s KNRJ 92.7/101.1 fm as well as 88.1 FM Beat in Argentina.

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MARCH-APRIL 2007 Latest Production:

Amador & Carrillo
“Spotlight” feat. Georgia Nicole
Mochicoprimo! Records

One of the USA’s premier house producers Eddie Amador collaborates with vocalist & writer Georgia Nicole and newcomer Rod Carrillo to create this catchy unmistakable peak time essential tune on Eddie’s Mochicoprimo imprint.  Eddie delivers 2 mixes in the package, one being a chunky tribal vocal mix titled the “Primo Mix” and the other minimal distinctive “Thunder Clap” mix.  Also included in the package are remixes from Rod Carrillo, Peter Brown, Rooster & Peralta, and Jay Allegro & Kevin Brown.  There’s a mix for everyone who wants to get the dance floor moving! 

“Spotlight” made it’s debut on the US Billboard Dance Club Play Chart in March in the no. 38 position, climbing up to no. 28 during 2007’s WMC.   It’s had massive support from Tom Stephan and Roger Sanchez, even receiving last week’s “New York’s Finest” on Roger’s Release Yourself Radio Show.


Latest Remixes:
Peter Brown  “Feel Good” (Eddie Amador Remix)  Mochicoprimo!
Rooster & Peralta “I Like It Dirty”  (Eddie Amador’s Dirty Mix) Funkatronik
Kario “Free Your Mind” (Eddie Amador Remix) Nervous Records

The Vintage “Something About the Music” Mochicoprimo!


Miximized is Eddie’s  Los Angeles based weekly mix show where Eddie provides current trends of house music from an International DJ perspective. 

You can listen to Miximized every Friday night from 10pm to Midnight  on Arizona’s Energy 92.7 FM, the only fm dance station on the west coast of the United States and Argentina’s FM BEAT 90.5.   For more info,  see


Eddie Amador & Eric Wikman pres. The Bobbleheads “Everybody’s Doin It”  (TBD)
Carrillo & Amador  feat. Nina Lares  “I Wish You Well” (TBD)
Amador & Carrillo “Spotlight” feat. Georgia Nicole  Mochicoprimo!
Mochico “Pretty Little Girl” Mochicoprimo!
Mochico “Thirst” Mochicoprimo!
Mochico “Analog Is Dead” Mochicoprimo!
Mochico “Digital DJ” Mochicoprimo!
Wawa feat. Eddie Amador “The Afterparty” Fluential
Mochico vs. Willy Sanjuan “Push My Bass”  Housepark Records
Eddie Amador “6 AM” Yoshitoshi
Mochico & Tom De Neef  “Sweat” Stealth
Mochico & Ian Carey “Say What You Want” Nero
Saturated Soul (EA & Ian Carey) “Got To Release” Defected Records
Bazement Freakz “Good Timez” Fame
Bazement Freakz “Spikehead”  ID&T/Blanco y Negro
Eddie Amador “Shake It” Yoshitoshi
Eddie Amador “Psycho X Girlfriend” Yoshitoshi
Eddie Amador “The Funk” Yoshitoshi
Africanism (EA & Bob Sinclar) “Do It” Yellow
Casagrande (EA & Pete Salaz) “Tears of Joy” Gut
Casagrande (EA & Pete Salaz)  “El Compadre” Fluential
Eddie Amador “Rise” Yoshitoshi
Edward Louis (EA) “Holy Spirit” Shaboom
Eddie Amador “House Music” Yoshitoshi




Jennifer Carbonell “Time” Nervous Records
The Vintage “Something About The Music” (Eddie Amador Rmx) Mochicoprimo!
Peter Brown “Feel Good” (Eddie Amador Rmx) Mochicoprimo!/FINE TUNE
Kario “Free Your Mind” (Eddie Amador Rmx) Nervous Records
Leela James “Good Time” (Eddie Amador Rmx) Warner Brothers
Rooster & Peralta “I Like It Dirty” (Eddie Amador’s Dirty Mix) Funkatronik
Peter Presta “Replay” (Eddie Amador Remix) Apple Jaxx
Plastik Funk “Be Your Man” (Eddie Amador Remix) Tipsy Tunes
FREDj feat. Melotronix “Position Me” (Eddie Amador Rmx) Mochicoprimo!
FREDj feat. Melotronix “Position Me” (Mochicotronic Rmx) Mochicoprimo!
Jay Allegro & Kevin Brown “RIP RHYTHM” (Eddie Amador Rmx) Mochicoprimo!
Mr. Magneto “Scream My Name” (Eddie Amador Rmx) Mochicoprimo!
Mr. Magneto “Scream My Name” (Mochicotronic Rmx) Mochicoprimo!
Mochico feat. Joy Allura “Thirst” (Eddie Amador Rmx) Mochicoprimo!
Mochico Feat. Joy Allura “Thirst” (Mochicotronic Rmx) Mochicoprimo!
Mochico “Analog Is Dead” (Eddie Amador Remix) Mochicoprimo!
Mochico “Digital DJ” (Eddie Amador Mix) Mochicoprimo!
The Vintage “To Believe” (Eddie Amador Rmx) Mochicoprimo!
 Soul Central “Strings of Life” Defected Records
Bobby Blanco “3 AM” Defected Records
Phil Drummon “Again & Again” DTPM
Maldonado “Native Soul” Molacacho
Desert “I See The Light” Mute
Aly-us “Follow Me” Strictly Rhythm
Deepswing “Diva” Generate
Groove Armada “Superstylin” Jive-Electro
Vitamin D “So Good” Terraform
John DeAgo feat. Chaah “Lubrique” Bigfoot
DJ Eric presents…”Desire” Distinctive
Gorgio Moroder vs Eddie Amador “I’m Yours” Caus-n-ff-ct
C&M Productions “True House” Deep Touch
Aaron Carl “My House” OVUM
Magic Touch “Good Inside” Azuli
Funky Green Dogs “Can’t Help It” MCA
Street Corner Symphony “Symphonic Tonic” Universal
JD Braithwaite “Give Me The Night” Caus-n-ff-ct
Soul Station “Fool For Love” Maxi
A.K. Soul feat. Jocely Brown “Free” Remix 2000    Dream Beat
Kenny Bobien “Back to Life” King Street
Scott Grooves “Should Have Been You”  Soma

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