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Addicted to music, eternally hunting for electronic freshness, a master in blending the infusible. A Performer, deejay, publisher, and a top-notch craftsman of remixes. And to top it all up, he recently joined the top one hundred deejays of the world. If you have ever experienced any of his performances, you would agree that the energy flow could only be compared to that of a Spanish bullfight. When he fell in love with Ibiza and returned to the more abstract nuances of electronic music, many of his fans got startled and thought he would abandon his tech-house roots. But instead, he merged them with the present trends and delivered it on records such as Simple Things Do Work and remix for Nathan Fake’s Outhouse, bringing the latter to the hottest compilations of the season. And he just got fairly warmed-up…

Valentino Kanzyani a DJ, producer and a well respected remixer coming from Slovenija. He is the co-owner and producer of Recycled Loops and its sublabel Earresistible Musick, a label that has build a big reputation since its first release in 1999 and the man behind his latest Jesus Loved You label. He learned his his first step as producer and after that he started to expand his self as and became soon a part of the producers that has been later on acclaimed as the founders of a new wave of techno. His first major success was when he released his first solo track on Recycled Loops number 3, the track has been played from all the major players starting with Richie Hawtin to Carl Cox, Josh Wink,etc... After that he released an EP for Cox’s label In-tec that was named record of the year in many music magazines all around the globe.

He had always experimented with different sounds and he was always producing a diversity of styles and has created for this purposes a new label named Earresistible that was build to release softer music than the one he and Umek were releasing on Recycled Loops. His first EP on Earresistible was Pornorama that gained immediate success and has been licensed to Illustrious records Uk a division of Sony Music.

Because of his variety in sound and production he has been able to release and remix for people like Deep Dish, 20:20 Vision, Jon Carter, Wally Lopez, Ken Ishi, Carl Cox and more. Valentino has been Dj-ing for quite some years now and has played all around the glob with tours going from Australia , Asia, Japan, South America, Canada & North America. His style has brought him a big recognition and is pushing him up year after year.

He played on all major events from Dance Valley, Awakenings, Mayday, Time Warp, Love Parade to other big festivals in Holland, England, Germany, Spain, Australia, Japan… As well as spinning techno across the world to huge crowds he has released a barrage of dancefloor anthems for labels such as Primevil, Yoshi Toshi, Intec, Wet Musik, Tronic, Primate, Consumer Recreation and his and Umeks jointly run Recycled Loops and Earresistible Musick imprints. If anyone can lay claim to putting Slovenia on the techno map then the name Valentino Kanzyani ranks high as one of its biggest propagators.


Already a big name DJ within his native Slovenia, in 1995 a club called Ambasada Gavioli opened and Valentino Kanzyani became known as the man behind one of Slovenias most famous venues. During a three and a half year period he booked and played with literally every DJ from around the globe but as the new millennium approached he left to concentrate on his own DJing and production work. It was after going into the studio with his old friend Umek that Valentino was to release his first record as Recycled Loops on Primevil in the summer of 1999. Thus, Valentino Kanzyanis name was soon to be heard in DJ sets all over the world and similarly his DJ gigs went supernova as he joined the jet set elite of globe-trotting record spinners.

Following the success of their initial release Umek and Valentino set up Recycled Loops as a label and have never looked back. Now having released over 20 records the duo also co-run Earresistible for their more house inspired production work whilst Valentino Kanzyanis single-handed production skills have graced labels as varied as Intec with the House Soul EP and Tronic (Burros Eslovenos) to Yoshi Toshi with the massive Flying and Carl Coxs new single, gaining Essential Selection status from Pete Tong whilst he has recently remixed the legendary Nathan Fakes track Outhouse. The track was licensed to all major compilations and made it to almost every DJs playlist by the summer of 2007.

Earresistible evolved due to the pairs shared passion for tribal house and elements of this and Valentinos techno side can be witnessed on the expertly mixed CDs Rock The Discotheque Volumes 1 and 2 (Matrix Musik) and the 40 odd remixes he has carried out on labels such as 23rd Century, Premier Sounds, 20:20, Urbana, Shine, ZYX, Intec, Wet Musik and the list goes on...

Valentinos DJing has taken him to every corner of the world. His three deck skills have evolved into using more and more additional equipment and CD players which make his sets second to none and as a result he has toured the world steadily for the past few years taking in Brazil, Colombia, Japan, USA, Australia, Singapore and every corner of Europe, whilst on radio he has been heard across the globes airwaves culminating an Essential Mix on Radio 1. From 10,000 plus strong crowds at the worlds biggest festivals to intimate club gatherings Valentino Kanzyani now finds himself in the premier league of trans-global Deejays. With a DJ mix CD out on Carl Coxs Intec in 2005 and the new label Jesus loved You out in 2006 he has set his path as a future superstar DJ.

Selected Discography

Valentino Kanzyani: First Level Completed E.P. - Primate Recordings (2000)
Valentino Kanzyani: Under Pressure EP - SuperBra (2000)
Valentino Kanzyani: Why Not...EP - Primevil (2000)
Valentino Kanzyani: House Soul (Remixes) - Intec Records (2001)
Valentino Kanzyani: House Soul EP - Intec Records (2001)
Valentino Kanzyani: Flying - Yoshitoshi Recordings (2002)
Valentino Kanzyani: Pornorama - Earresistible Musick (2002)
Valentino Kanzyani: Flying (Remixes) - Shinichi (2003)
Valentino Kanzyani: Burros Eslovenos EP - Tronic (2004)
Valentino Kanzyani: Injection - Mad Nurse (2004)
Valentino Kanzyani: La Sala Loca EP - Recycled Loops (2004)
Valentino Kanzyani: Learning How To Do It - Consumer Recreation (2004)
Valentino Kanzyani: Intecnique Album Sampler - Intec Records (2005)
Valentino Kanzyani: iPray - Jesus Loved You (2005)
Valentino Kanzyani: Paradox - Jesus Loved You (2006)
Valentino Kanzyani: Warders Of Our Own Prison EP - Intec Records (2006)
Valentino Kanzyani: Homo Moralis - Relic Music (2006)
Valentino Kanzyani: Paradox - Hz Trax (2007)
Valentino Kanzyani: Seasons EP - Vezotonik (2007)
Valentino Kanzyani: Thrilling EP - Circle Music (2007)
Valentino Kanzyani: Prizmas and Boomerangs - Jesus Loved You (2008)

Traxster: Believe (Valentino Kanzyani remix) - Primate Endangered Species (2001)
Simon Digby: Benchmark (Valentino Kanzyani Remixes) - Wetmusik (2001)
Simon Digby: Tribal Theory (Kanzyani remix) - Bush (2001)
Jon Carter: Humanism (Valentino Kanzyani remix) - Shine Recordings (2002)
Steve D: Red Fever (V.K. remix) - Recycled Loops (2002)
Steve D: Get Into The Groove (V.K. remix) - Recycled Loops (2003)
Alek Biotic: Funk Matter (V.K. remix) - Gotham Grooves (2003)
Martyn Hare: To The Grim (V.K. remix) - Tronic (2003)
Boriqua Tribez: Feto (Kanzyani Edit) - Recycled Loops (2004)
Carl Cox: Give Me Your Love (V.K. remix) - 23rd Century Records (2004)
Hertz: Julia (V.K. remix) - Sway (2004)
Sultan & The Greek: Rezin (Valentino Mix) - Shinichi (2004)
Patrik Skoog: Desolation Ltd (12") Untitled (V.K. remix) Drumcode (2005)
Chus & Penn: Esperanza (V.K. remix) - Defected (2005)
Chus & Penn: Esperanza (V.K. remix) - Urbana Recordings (2005)
Tonepushers: Falling (V.K. remix) - Fifth Sun Recordings (2005)
Rob Mooney: Feelin' Electro (V.K. remix) - Punch Funk Records (2005)
TC&P: Introvex (Valentino Ka... Thomas Christopher + Payne Recordings (2005)
Ivan Komlinovic: Ordinary Session (V.K. remix) - Work Hard Play Hard (2005)
Silence: Skin (V.K. remix) - Matrix Musik (2005)
Tom Hades: Einsamheit (V.K. remix) - Rhythm Convert (2006)
John Acquaviva & Madox: Feedback (V.K. remix) - Mantra Vibes (2006)
Robert G Roy: So Much Better (V.K. remix) - Earresistible Musick (2006)
M.I.K.E. - Salvation (V.K. remix) - Club Elite (2006)
Nathan Fake: Outhouse ((V.K. remix) - Recycled Loops (2007)
DJ Link: Salada (V.K. remix) - Amigos Recordings (2007)
Shlomi Aber ft Lemon: Moods (V.K. remix) - Renaissance (2007)
John Acquaviva & Madox ft Tommie Sunshine: Running From (V.K. remix) - Mantra Vibes (2007)

DJ Mixes:
Rock The Discotheque (CD) - Matrix Musik (2001)
Rock The Discotheque Vol. 2 (CD) - Matrix Musik (2003)
Intechnique: A Continuous Mix By Valentino Kanzyani - Intec Records (2005)
Rock The Discotheque 3 (CD) - Matrix Musik (2006)
Palazzo - Volume Six (CD) - T:Classixx (2007)

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