Matthew Dekay


Matthew Dekay is one of those artists impossible to pigeon-hole. You’re as likely to find his tunes in the record boxes and CD wallets of Sasha and Deep Dish as you are in Eric Morillo and Victor Calderone. This ability to transcend genres is what makes this hugely talented Dutchman stand out from the others, and means he is one of the most consistent and respected artists in dance music.

Like so many great producers, Dekay was classically trained as a child. He leapt out of the orchestra pit, turned his back on a successful pop career and now has his feet firmly planted on the dance-floor – and for that – we should be eternally grateful. If you wanted stick a label on Dekay, then ‘progressive’ would be the most obvious, yet that doesn’t do justice to the sheer breadth and diversity of his sound. As far removed from monotonous, dull prog that damaged the scene so much, Dekay’s music is forward thinking, full of life and most importantly – you can dance to it, as easily as you can listen to it. It’s a sound overflowing with groove!

Dekay’s work is admired across the board. Through his epic DJ sets, Matthew has built up a truly global following, conquering territory after territory. Demand for him stateside is what dreams are made of, and over the next 12 months you’ll witness Dekay doing the US like no-one else.

With such an ear for quality, it was only natural that Dekay would turn his hand to A&R and set up his own label DK Recordings. The label was responsible for breaking the massive Perasma – Swing 2 Harmony; that went on to be signed by Ministry Of Sound and appear on countless compilations worldwide. In September a re-vamped and re-mastered DK Recordings will be unveiled, and with it several sibling labels to boot!

After a critically acclaimed mix CD, ‘Trousy’ on Armada in 2005, Matthew’s long overdue and hotly anticipated debut artist album is on its way. Being a perfectionist has its downfalls, and ensuring the end result is flawless is the reason behind the delay of this long player. With a slew of hugely impressive productions already to his name, 2007 will see Matthew stepping up several gears with first time collaborations and a hell of a lot more.

It’s an exciting time for Matthew Dekay, and for those who consume his unique and pure sound. As the remainder of 2007 unfolds the world is watching and waiting with baited breath. /

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