Markus Schulz

On August 7th

Biography April 09

The rise to great success with most top DJs starts with a dedication born out of an obsession for

music. For Markus Schulz, his story was no exception. Originally from Germany, Markus’ moved to the

USA aged 13 and quickly become engrossed in the break-dancing scene of the time. Although a

talented mover on the floor, a chance to dominate the decks at a breaks party he helped organize

became the pivotal moment when Markus decided upon the path of his life’s work. That dedication has

since seen him storm up the charts to take his current place at number 8 in the prestigious DJ Mag

Top 100 DJ poll 2008 – a position surely set to rise in 2009. Markus always had a desire to meet the

world and has continued to tour globally over the past few years, bringing his unique brand of

progressive and melodic trance to thousands of clubbers from as far afield as Australia to Russia and

as far away as China and Trinidad, that combined with criss-crossing in his own country of the USA.

Markus also dominates the airwaves with his weekly radio show, Global DJ Broadcast and can be

heard in over 30 stations worldwide. His very special “Ibiza Summer Sessions” debuted in summer

2006 to rave reviews. Wanting to give the listener the feeling of being part of the Ibiza summer,

Markus planned each week with the hottest music and best DJ’s from the Balearic Islands. The

mission was to bring Ibiza to those who couldn’t be there and to add to the experience of those who

were. And it worked, with new stations around the world grappling to sign the show for their listening

audiences. Through his radio show, Markus was able to reach out through the airwaves and meet

even more people, thus touching their lives with his music. Markus has built himself a stellar reputation

as one of the global leaders in production as well as a world renowned DJ.

His own label, Coldharbour Recordings has delivered over 60 A-list releases within 3 years. His

commitment to his own work as well as his peers’ has seen numerous solo, collaborative and remix

projects that have enabled him to boast an unrivalled discography, largely inspired by his travels and

the people he has met. With his heart at the soul of every project, Markus consistently delivers hit after

hit, most notably with 'Without You Near', 'Daydream', 'Perfect', and his latest chart stormer 'The New

World '– the booming trancer and theme tune to the infamous Transmission party that has clearly set

the tempo for 2009 on fire! Following phenomenal success with Miami ’05, Ibiza ‘06 Markus continued

his city inspired series to deliver us the hugely successful Amsterdam 08, which was nominated for

Best Full Length DJ Mix at this year’s IDMA’s. Markus didn’t win that one in particular, but he he was

presented with the award of Best American DJ for the first time.

Next up, Markus continues his musical tour of the world with this year’s Canadian inspired ‘Toronto

09’, a mind blowing belter that celebrates the community spirit within the clubbing scene of the city.

2008 saw Markus release Progression Progressed, a rare reworking of his album Progression 2007

that brought together a collection of interpretations by some of the most talented producers on offer

including: Mat Zo, Nic Chagall, Mark Otten and Monogato, as well as an inspired collection of remixes

and new tracks from Markus himself. Toronto ’09 gives Markus the opportunity to bring his

experiences from his tours and inspiration from his audiences to all fans worldwide with his unique

stamp on things. The highlights of the CD include two tracks made by Markus himself, under his

Dakota alias, which have been the talk of dancefloors throughout his recent Future Music Festival tour

in Australia. The anticipation continues to grow, as Markus will release his first full Dakota album,

Thoughts Become Things; a self-explanatory vision of his experiences on tour, accumulated from his

early roots until the modern day. More details of the album will be revealed very soon.

His relentless determination to bring new sounds and new experiences to his audiences and fans

worldwide demonstrates a passionate enthusiasm that knows no bounds and firmly sets Markus up as

one of THE forces to be reckoned with in dance for 2009 and beyond! Stay tuned; his story has only

just begun

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