The story of Nakadia..

Imagine... a female deejay playing like the worlds best superstar spinners. Imagine... this beautiful turntable artist gaining hundreds of new fans every weekend. Imagine... NAKADIA!

The story of Nakadia reads like a fairytale that has been played out in the global village for all to witness. Born impoverished in the rice paddies of northern Thailand, this charming Thai beauty was sent to the runways of Europe to model. There she was first exposed to dance music and club life. After being captivated by electronic music she decided that it was her calling to deejay! With nothing but passion and determination, Nakadia has achieved more than anyone coud envision.

The cliché „practice makes perfect“, semms to define Nakadia’s work ethic and enthusiasm towards her craft. Her modesty and humble nature would leave most in disbelief that she has played over 300 events in more than 200 clubs, while racking up air miles across 35 countries over the past four years!

Having played the dance floors of the world, Nakadia has the ability to read the crowd and react with them in perfect unity. Her musical and technical qualities behind the decks are complimented by Nakadia’s vibrant personality and strong stage presence. She absorbs the vibe from the crowd and returns it back creating a mirror of energy that is only shared between her and them. This ability has left coountless dance floors soaked in admiration.

In 2006, Nakadia performed as only deejay at the closing ceremonies of the World Cup Football at Berlin Olympic stadium and later would accompllish every deejays dream by playing Love Parade to over a million people. But all these achievements are only just part of a perfect start into Nakadias deejay career. At this stage another exhausting tour schedule is ahead, as she is in constant demand by thosse who have had the opportunity to see her spin.

Now in 2007, Nakadia has established herself as the most successful deejay coming out of South East Asia and is one of the few female top deejays non stop touring the world. Her vibrant deejay skills, the party only atmosphere she brings into the clubs, her natural charm and beauty has captivated the party elite on all corners of the globe entire Asian world. Hold on tight because this is giong to be a very fast flight into the megasphere of tomorrow.

Pure poetry in motion behind the decks….

„In 1984 I wrote as a very young misic journalist that Madonna was giong to change the face of female fashion – well for the next 15 years she certainly did. Now in 2005 I again find myself looking at another young phenomenon, a female DJ from the island of Koh Samui off Thailand, a girl called Nakadia. DJ Nakadia to be precise and I see the future, an iconic DJ who will change the face of the DJ world globally – beautiful, serene, graceful but yet as funky and dynamic behind the turntables as Madonna herself would have been had she chosen to be a DJ instead of a singer. Pure poetry in motion behind the decks – her mixing and music in sync with her every move. Nakadia will be an ambassador, not just for the women and people of Thailand but the entire Asian world. Hold on tight because this is goiong to be avery fast fight into the megasphere of tomorrow“

Eddie Gordon (UK music guru), 2005

Global informations

Nakadia Tour 2007 performing in Austria, Bahrain, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Columbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hong-Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Maroko, Monte Carlo, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Corea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunesia, United Arab Emirates, UK, Ukraine & USA…

Nakadia Tour 2006: besides the amazing clubtour with over 110 performances across around 30 countries, Nakadias tourhighlights 2006 included World Cup Final (Berlin Olympic Stadium), Love Parade (1,2 million people), Privilege Ibiza Tour…

Nakadia press appearances:
Cover pages: Metro (Thai), Jocks mag (IT), Takt (D), Tunnel mag (D)
Features: M8, FHM, Maximum, Juice, Lisa, Sunday Star, The Star, Metro, Big Chilly, Hype, Partysan, Port01, Bangkok Post, Herald tribune, Bangkok business and many more…
TV features: Channel V (Thai), MTV (Asia), VIVA (D), VIVA (PL), RTL (D), SAT1 (D), RTL (HU), Fashion TV and countless TV interviews around the globe..

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